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Converting your FIGMA designs into perfect HTML/CSS templates with ease. We capture the essence of your design and deliver effective results.

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Figma to HTML

Figma to HTML easily and accurately

We carefully convert you and your clients’ Figma designs, transforming them into beautiful websites. With close focus on efficiency and speed, without excessive costs, we take the original idea and make it a fully functioning and responsive reality. Our experienced team ensures first-class Figma to HTML conversion for your business and your clients’ businesses too.

LightningHTML is the answer to all agency’s design and development problems. Our talented team operate as an extension of your business for your clients. We create seamless Figma to HTML conversions which you can immediately put to use.

Figma is a powerful and popular tool for creating UI designs which do not disappoint. LightningHTML takes your original idea and delivers clean, well commented HTML code, hand-coded to ensure excellence.

Features Included

We ensure all of your clients are more than impressed with their new website template. All of our Figma to HTML templates are complete with:


Lightweight, Clean Code

Our developers focus on keeping all code as simple, clean and lightweight as possible. Our HTML/CSS will not adversely affect site speed.



We are meticulous in getting every feature and element of your Figma design perfectly rendered in simple code. All the elements of your Figma design will be replicated in close detail in your final website template.



Optimisation for mobile devices is never an afterthought. Our developers all work with a responsive-first mindset ensuring all designs are fully accessible across all screen sizes.


Rigorous Testing

All our designs are tested extensively to ensure the look and function fantastically across different devices, on different browsers and various screen sizes. We ensure any bugs, issues or problems are caught before any files are delivered.


SEO Optimisation

Our background is in SEO as well as development, and we haven’t forgotten our roots. All our code is created with SEO in mind, following Google guidelines for HTML structure, meta and image alt tags.


Commented Markup

Ensuring ease-of-use is at the heart of all we do, look forward to fully commented HTML and CSS. We like to keep things simple to make integration as easy as possible.


CSS Framework of your Choosing

You may have a preferred CSS framework and we’re happy to go with that. Bootstrap, Materialize, Skeleton and Bulma are just some of the options.

The LightningHTML Figma to HTML Package

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